Exploring English Through Tourist Attractions: Motivating Students To Speak

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Dr. Umar, M.Pd.
Wirentake, M. Pd.
Dr. Sri Arfani, M.Pd

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15,5 x 23 cm (B5)

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We want to thank Allah SWT for His grace and guidance; we were able to compile a Reference Book for Students of the English Language and Culture Study Program. This book presents an innovative approach to learning English by using tourist attractions as a motivation to speak. In each chapter, readers are invited to explore various famous tourist attractions on Sumbawa Island, such as the Moyo Island Beach Tourist Attraction, the Moyo Hulu Sarcophagus, and Buffalo Race in Pamulung Village, while learning relevant English vocabulary and expressions. This book is suitable for English lectures who want to present exciting and relevant learning material to improve their speaking skills in English in a fun and challenging way. With an innovative approach and exciting concept, “Exploring English through Tourist Attractions: Motivating Students to Speak” is expected to inspire and motivate English language learners at all levels.

This reference book consists of 6 chapters. There are five chapters related to material, and 1 chapter related to conclusion. Each chapter consists of 5 subtopic items. By creating this Reference Book, the author hopes it will help students improve their English speaking skills. Furthermore, the author would like to thank all parties who helped complete this reference book.

The author realizes that this reference book still needs to be improved. Therefore, the author hopes for readers’ criticism and suggestions for the perfection of this reference book in the future. Finally, the author would like to thank you. We expect it will be helpful for readers.


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