The Problematic Special Autonomy Implementation In Papua – (Dr. Bambang Suparno, S.H, M.HUM)

The Problematic Special Autonomy Implementation
In Papua

By : Dr. Bambang Suparno, S.H., M.Hum

Abstract :
Indonesia is a pluralistic country which has many differences. These differences will cause the existence of chaotic problems if the government does not take optimal actions. Papua and Nangroe Aceh Darussalam (NAD) often face conflicts between ethnic groups, religion and economic discrepancy. Thus, these areas separated themselves from Indonesia. The Legislations
No.32/2004 about district government autonomy concerns the difficulties of implementing autonomy. Hence, regional and special autonomy in Indonesia is hard to be implemented. This study aims to observe the criteria of special autonomy in Papua, the problems in implementing special autonomy in Papua and the separation of Papua from Indonesia in international view.
This study applied descriptive research design. The result showed that the Indonesian government must improve the life of Papua residents. Special autonomy should not only be implemented in Papua and Aceh but also in every region as long as the government can guarantee the improvement of their welfare and prosperity.
Keywords: special autonomy, Papua, conflict, freedom.

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